1. Create a budget:

Make a list of all the items you need, people you have to shop for and the a mount of money you plan to spend on each item.

2. STICK to the budget:

In order to keep within the confines of the money allotted for your shopping. Compare the cost for items and shop at the most affordable store.

3. Bargain shop:

Maria, the Editorial Director of this magazine, is a huge, well huge is an understatement, devout and fierce bargain shopper. She finds some of the best deals on name brand items at bargain basement prices. If you are looking for clothing items and or furniture? Major retail stores are ready places to find great pieces, for the home and entire family. Make use of discount coupons. Search the clearance racks. So wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It is also wise to have a hearty breakfast or launch, depending on the time of day you like to shop.

4. Interment shopping:

For those who like to surf the internet and are very comfortable shopping online. The internet offers a wealth of affordable items that can fit within your budget. You can do it from the comfort of your home. And it cuts down on travel, gas and having to wait in long lines at the check out counter.


Given the high rate of identity theft, especially during the holiday season. It is wise to purchase a reloadable prepaid card. Put the money you have budgeted on it and use it to pay for your purchase items online or even in the store. This will prevent anyone from getting your personal information, irrespective of where you shop. Whether you are shopping in the store or online. Make it a safe and healthy shopping experience.